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Dino,the lift pump went bad about six months before the pump,we found out when the filter housing wouldnt fill after changing the filter,we wired the pump direct and it wouldnt fill.The dealer replaced it,then 6 months later the injection pump went,so they said,but I think it was just the lift pump again,when we got it back I looked at the pump tag-it was the same and never touched,I crawled under and there was a new lift pump looking back at me.It took 3 weeks for the dealer to fix the truck,It seems there is only 1 diesel mechanic for 10 dealers.The 6.5 is a very smooth and refined diesel,almost could pass for a gas motor from the cab.I almost bought one,being a former GM mechanic and all.Then I used my dad's for a weekend and it wasn't good enough on fuel to buy it over a gas motor.The same indirect injection that makes it quiet,also makes it inefficient and hard to start,and limits power because of emissions(smoke).I jumped ship to Dodge and caught a lot of heat from my friends and family.After 2 years with the Dodge I have found that GM makes a more friendly truck,it's lower,quieter,smoother and it's diesel is very polite. My Dodge is the bully,it's loud,tall,the overloads bang on bumps,and it's diesel sounds like a KW's.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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