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Originally Posted by Fiano Landscapes View Post
Very nice work! Wow! What a nice place to work for a few days. Hopefully our next project is in as cool as a place as this one.
I actually spent 3 straight years up there working on that project. I was the only employee, so the owner and I did everything. All the underground, all the access roads throughout the 500 acre property, equestrian trails (about 5 miles), 2 model log homes constructed, cutting timber and clearing homesites, bridges, a 5 acre park with ponds and 2 large timber pavilion structures, all the common area irrigation and landscaping, welding, maintaining all of the trucks and heavy equipment, plus all the little incidentals inbetween. This was such a fun project and the owner became like a father to me. It was such a great experience. I worked for him for 7 years but I was married and had a new baby and needed to make more than 10.50 an hour. That has been about 9 years since I left that company.

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