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What happens to your starters?? Do they make a high pitch squeel when engaged? Or do they just die after a short time of use??<br>If it squeels try a shim to get a better alignment with the teeth of the flywheel. If you have a auto tranny it is actually called a flex plate, as flywheels are only used in manual trannies.<br>If it is just wearing out very soon, with a hard turning over engine,check the following.<br>1- good ground and positive connections, they are the #1 reason for starter failure<br>check the engine to chassis and engine to cab grounds, clean to bare metel if needed<br>2- good baterry is a must, low cranking voltage is #2 killer of starters<br>3- engine timing, an engine to far advanced will cause very hard starting<br>4- if you have headers,try relocating your solenoid to the firewall, excessive heat from the headers may be frying the solenoid<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment
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