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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
1) what is it that you do that stood out and made them like you? Is it one item or multiple items?

Do you even know your company's positive attributes?

2) could there be some details you're overlooking that even though you're bursting at the seams - could be causing you to loose a handfull of sales each year?
:I'm ICPI and NCMA certified.... Sorry couldn't resist.

A) We truly are owner-operated. We ALWAYS have myself or my business partner on site performing the work. In my experience people like to hear this...I'm told this after a lot of jobs are completed.

B) Excellent communication skills. Bottom line, we speak english. We are 100% american owned and illegal help & everyone is 100% fluent in the english language! You'd be surprised how this helps. I find (at least where we are at) over half the time we always get into a conversation that ends up the potential customer saying..."ya the last company just dropped off a bunch of mexicans and I tried talking to them but they don't understand what I was asking them to do."

C) I know for a fact we are losing sales because we have a slow/long turnaround time. Because we are such a small company (and less experienced than some competitors) it takes us longer to complete jobs and, in turn, we usually cannot get the work done in time for what they had in mind for a completion date.

D) Because we are owner operated it takes me longer to provide a quote wereas others can have, at least what seems, a day or two turnaround.

E) Which brings up/leads into me not being very good at "closing" the deal. I'm not a salesmen nor a BS artist...but I'm pretty sure this hurts me. I think I should be closing more deals than I am.
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