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An add a leaf will give you 1 1/2 - 2' of lift. You could just get a 3&quot; body lift for around $100. Unless you are plowing with this truck, I'd consider a body lift. What is the goal of the lift? Larger tires? The body lift was really no harder to install than the suspension lift on my 77 K/20. Did both in my driveway on my back. Suspension lifts alter the ride of the truck, believe me, mine rides like a tank. The body lift leaves your suspension to work the way GM designed it to work. Larger tires and wheels mean more unsprung weight, I know, so that will affect the ride itself. Aluminum wheels could help compensate.<br>I have a page that goes step by step installing a body lift on most trucks. What it involves doing. One thing thst you can't do at home is weld an extension in the shifter linkage to the trans. If you have a MIG welder, no problem, otherwise, bring the linkage and extension to any local autobody shop and ask them to weld it for you.<p>~Chuck<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>
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