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Originally Posted by jhastrello View Post
I've been really looking at the mowers (same situation as the thread owner), closely the past 10 days. I'd agree on the 'dealer aspect', whoheartedly.

I'm down to Scag and ExMark. I was really impressed with the Ferris, but I've just simply read too much on this forum about 'cut quality and cut problems' on the Ferris. That, and if you read the brochures from all three (Scag, ExMark, Ferris) - both the Scag and ExMark brochures really focus and concentrate on the 'quality of cut' and the design of their decks.

Ferris - the 'ride'.

My clients are not going to care about the 'ride', but are certainly care about the cut. Far too many comments about cutting damp or wet grass. Here in E. Texas - lot's of 'dew' to deal with, and can't wait till 10-11AM when the grass is perfectly dry.

Having said all that, what have you found with cut quality with your Ferris? How about damp/wet conditions?
If your going to cut damp or wet grass do not go with scag. I sometimes use my buddies scag tiger cub and the deck collects the grass and then spits it out in chunks and it looks horrible. Exmark is your safest and best bet. I know that the deck is one of the older scag decks which are notorius for clogging but i wouldnt chance it with the new ones either. Exmarks have worked great for me.
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