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Originally Posted by IntegrityGuy View Post
What equipment you buy mostly depends upon the availability of dealers. some brands that will have dealers in your area that have really reliable products are

Hand Held:
- Stihl
- Echo
- Husquavarna
- Redmax
- Kawasaki
* do not buy from home depot or any other big box.

- Scag
- ExMark
- Wright
- Bob- Cat
- Lesco
- havent heard anything good about Cub Cadet.
- Commercial John Deere -- not the Home Depot sh*t

You will be safe with any of these brands. ** just do not buy from any stores Like Home Depot or Lowes or any Big BOx stores. Most of thier stuff is chinese nock off and the Echo equipment is referbrished used equipment. (everything is new beside the engine.**
You will get this opinion from a lot of guys on this site, and quite frankly it makes me mad. I would be willing to put money on it that 95% have ZERO experience with Cub Cadet. I however do, and can attest to a quality built machine at an affordable price. You get what you pay for with these machines, over and over.

Do not let others dissuade you from buying these machines. I have 2 60" tanks and one 36" walk behind and wouldn't trade these for either Scag or Exmark, not even if you put $1000 in front of my face to try and sweeten the deal. I know Cub Cadet, and I know that I have put mine through their paces. They have yet to fail me. Best of luck with the new business.
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