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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
don't know how anybody can make a truck last longer than 250-300,000 miles. Like I said before the body is shot the truck needs a hole new suspension rebuild. It doesn't matter which brand your not going to get that kind or mileage. Nobody in their right mind would keep a truck running for more than 300,000 miles by then it nickle and diming you to death.

There is one contractor he bought a 97 Dodge or the last year the 12 valve was offered. He has had it since new I think the truck has 300,000kms on it. The body on the truck is shot the doors rusted I don't even think there is a bottom left on the door. Watched the owner one day open the drivers door and it almost fell off.

Maybe in the USA you guys run trucks to 300,000 or more miles. It isn't worth it when you live in B.C. the road salt eats and wet weather takes its toll. When your spending more money keeping a old truck going than it would paying for a new truck its not worth it.

Nobody in their right mind would keep a P/U truck for more than 300,000kms (186,400 miles) expecially a diesel. A rebuilt automatic your looking at 5 grand before installation. It doesn't matter if its a Cummins your replacing parts on it. My brothers 95 Cummins he had the lift pump replaced that cost him over 500 dollars the injection pump needs rebuilding there is another 4500-5000 the mechanic friend said he maybe able to get it for 3500 dollars the engine has 148,000 miles.

Lets put it this way anybody in my area considers getting 300,000kms (186,400 miles) out a diesel P/U truck pretty d*mn good after that its time for a new one. Nobody keeps a Dodge for more than 300,000kms usually once the warranty runs out trade it in.

I know you don't beleive me but Cummins don't last any longer than a Powerstroke. Cummins puke at 350,000kms (217,000 miles) the PSDs die about the same. Like I said before the one mechanics I know can rebuild a 5.9 Cummins with his eyes closed. Its a toy to play with can't remember but he said it usually takes 4 hours to rebuild a 5.9.

When you worked at a freighliner dealer you deal with the 5.9 and 8.3 Cummins everyday. In a medium duty truck the 5.9 Cummins needs a rebuild every 200,000-250,000kms (155,000 miles). The mechanic has probably forgot more about the 5.9 Cummins than you Dodge freaks know.

A rebuilt 5.9 Cummins your looking at 10-12 grand the core charge alone is 2500. Usually when the customer heres its going to cost 12 grand for a rebuilt engine for their diesel truck it heads off to the autowreckers and they go buy a new truck. Nobody installs a rebuilt diesel engine into a P/U truck because the truck isn't going to last.

I don't think you guys in the southern states or states where you can see your dog run away for 10 miles away realize what twisty roads are like. What steep grades do to a engine. Wet weather and snow does to a vehical. Road salt that eats through a truck in no time. The wet weather and moisture in the air rusts vehicals it gets into your wiring etc. You have fuel tanks that rust out in 2-3 years, brake lines that rust out in a year. Roads that make your tires wear out in 20,000 miles or less. Doing brake jobs every 10,000 miles. Depending on how hard you are on your truck ball joints every 2 years or 30,000 miles. Older Dodge 4x4s with the problematic unit bearings were only getting 30,000 miles out of them.

Like I said Dodge is the poorest built truck can't deny that fact just the way it goes. Dodge has the poorest resale value once you own a Dodge you own it for life. Very poor dealer service you own a Cummins powered Dodge your on your own the dealer isn't going to help you. Cummins isn't going to help you because they don't want anything to do with the engines in Dodge trucks.

I have seen it with my brothers truck the Dodge dealers service departments are dumb as a pile of dog crap. Seen it with other guys with Dodge trucks getting them fixed at the local repair shops. Its been that way for years.
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