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Customers love to hear a number of things, and most customers have different tastes, but here are what I have found to be the similar throughout the majority.

1. They want the person that prices the job to be there to install it.
2. They want the person that prices the job to look like they are in good enough shape to install it. (No fat salesmen) Had a cougar hire us because she knew that I was a working owner, not just a salesman.
3. English speaking workers that know what they are doing, not just the foreman, but everyone on the job. They don't want to see people standing around, b/c they feel they are paying for that time.
4. We provide testimonials from previous customers, and you will be surprised how many people a prospective client knows from the testimonials. So even if it is not an actual "referral" it becomes one after they know that you have worked for so and so.
5. ICPI and NCMA only work so far, everybody has one. However, company certifications like Belgard are catching their attention because you can offer lifetime warranty on materials.
6. If nothing else just be honest. If it is going to take you 3 weeks to get them a simple bid, tell them that. But always keep your word.
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