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What I find the most funny most Dodge guys would rather sleep with their Cummins than their girlfriend/wife. No offense but the Cummins lovers are a little off a few chunks of fruit short of a fruit salad. They obsess over a inament object. Mrs Palmer must get used alot when they have the hood up on their Dodge

Sorry the 5.9/6.7 isn't God its nothing special its a freaking engine maybe you guys caress it like a woman. More to life than drooling over the engine

Ohwell when Chrysler finally goes under god forbid what is the Cummins lovers going to do they are going to have withdrawls.

I really don't care I love bugging Dodge owners because they are SO defensive about their trucks. I see it here and I see it in my area guys that own Dodge trucks.

If you want a real Cummins buy a truck with a ISX Cummins then you have something to use your palm for

I really had to laugh at a Dodge nut job the other day I guess he was mad he tried taking off fast the truck couldn't even spin a tire his 08 Crummins just revved up. Sounded like the truck had a 6spd manual.

Cummins loves they have a little cult of deciples all in love a of a engine and willing to spend all kinds of money on it. I'am surprised some of you haven't gone to a tatoo shop and asked for a Cummins C tatooed on your chest.
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