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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Essential Scheduling Tools
  1. Soil sampler
  2. Soil profiler
  3. Brown probe
  4. Soil moisture probe with GPS tracking (in lieu of catch cans)
  5. Soil temperature probe
  6. pH/EC meter
  7. Infiltrometer
  8. Penetrometer (brown probe works here if you don't need a value)
  9. Stop watch
  10. Camera
  11. Compass
  12. Measuring wheel
  13. Field computer

Now for the really anal scheduling stuff
  1. Soil moisture probe(s) with data logger
  2. Psychrometer
  3. Porometer
  4. Theodolite
  5. Albedometer
I thought no chest pounding.

I don't have enough mileage on my RM remote to say it is my favorite yet. I do have extensive experience on the end of my trenching shovel and behind the mini skid. I spend a lot of time in dirt. I like my felcos for cutting out roots, clipping zip ties, wire, string, etc. My tools are very blue color. I want to get a 521 next.

Outside of irrigation/landscaping tools I would have to say my digital camera and notebook are my most used tools.
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