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Originally Posted by millenium_123 View Post
I have been in this business several years and have quite a few customers now. I think I may have to hire help this year, or for sure the next. I dont know how much to pay a person to work for me. Should I pay by the yard or by the hour? I was thinking by the job, that way they dont jack around. They will actually work and get more done in a day than they would otherwise. But I still have the ? of what to pay..a percentage of the job like 1/3 of what I charge? Am I supposed to pay for lunch for them? Any thoughts?
I don't want to get on a rant hear but... Hear we go with this subject again........... this is called piece work and is a very slippery slope in the landscape industry and illegal in some states due to the dynamics of this. industry.... example you pay them 20 dollars per lawn but one day the truck breaks and they only get 2 lawns done, the rest of their time was waiting for AAA. You can't just pay them the 40.00 for the 2 lawns because it would be a violation of the federal minimum wage standard. which in your state i believe is 7.25 per hour this year
structuring your business this way is like having a 55 gallon drum hell ready to tip over. Disgruntled employees can very easily Screw you with 1 phone call and a lie, burden of proof is on you not your guys. This is not the agriculture or textile industry that has piece standards to gage pay this is a dynamic service industry. Oh and then their is workman's comp/insurance audits where they determine your insurance premiums that is based on hours worked. not lawns mowed. But if your just looking for that extra buck in your pocket and not your laborers well then..........ingnore this........
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