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Originally Posted by ARGOS View Post
Cut through a sewer line today. I didn't call USA first, so it was on my tab. Fortunately I only had to put a concrete collar around the break.

I think sonde is sound in french, but I am not familiar with a device called "sonde". Does it pick up a transmitted sound down any pipe?

Another use of a five gallon bucket, haul concrete up small hill to make a collar around broken sewer pipe.
Sondes are small, self contained transmitters used to trace the path of non-metallic pipes and locate blockage in a line. Sondes are inserted into a pipe or duct by means of a push rod and the location found by means of a receiver.

Actually I have done the same kind of thing using a valve solenoid on the end of a fish tape. Just hook up two long wires to the solenoid, tape it to the fish tape (or a small pipe), and shove it down the pipe you are tracking. Hook it up to your 521 locator and follow the "hot spot". I've found the location of damaged sleeves and pipes underneath concrete and asphalt using this method.

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