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Yup ,he plowed before us. Try to figure out what the initials DOB stand for, LOL.<br>Dino gave him part of the name, I just added the prefix!<br>Eric, you're alight, no matter what Dino says about you.. (hehehehe)<br>Just because I'm &quot;Chevy Chuck&quot;, doesn't mean I hate other makers vehicles. I've driven my share of Fords, though I've never owned one. I've driven from a Ranger, up to an F -700. All were nice driving trucks. I liked the F 700 most of all. Drove like a dream. Had electric brakes, no air brake worries, and had a 24 valve gas engine. Loads of power. Only plowed with it once, it had no trouble at all. The slide in salter and chains helped I'm sure.<br>The only truck I didn't like, was an 85 F 350 mason dump. It was a year old, and it just had no power. Empty it couldn't get out of it's own way. Loaded with clay, or sand, it was really a slug, and there's nothing but hills around here.<br>I apreciate machines of all types, be it a fishing reel, or a Ford, a Dodge, a Diamond Reo, whatever. If it's mechanical, it interests me. I learned a long time ago to put that Ford / Chevy BS to bed. I respect the fact that you think your truck is the greatest, as I think mine is. Yours may be a Nissan, that suits your needs, or a Ford F 250. Mine happens to be a Chevy. My other truck is a GMC. ;&gt<p>~Chuck<p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>
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