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Bill, My F250 has been great so far. I had a 85 F250 before this one and I have not had either one stuck and they handle deep snow rather well. When you get into hard packed snow drifts deeper than 24 inches, the front end does want to slide sideways some. I am hoping to get a Western MPV Plow next year, which should fix that problem. If we don't get any more snow this year than we have gotten, I won't have to worry the front end sliding either. We keep getting these little dustings with another one coming again tonight. As far as deep snow, we had the second worst blizzard last January 2nd in Chicago's history and then the wind blew hard off and on for 2 weeks, so we had some snow piled up, with out any problems doin it.<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>
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