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As far as if you paid to much - you have<br>to look at the overall market on what is<br>available and what are the asking prices.<br>Blue book with the miles you have might<br>give you some guidelines. There is blue<br>book site on the net.<br>I had leaking rusty lines such as gas lines<br>trans cooler and something else I forgot.<br>Plow trucks usually develop these leaks<br>as they age and are used for plowing and<br>salting. After plowing clean the underside<br>of the truck- light pressure wash pressure.<br>This will help in the future. There is <br>something to spray under the frame that <br>will help to - I forgot what it is called.<br>I did the trans cooler lines myself with<br>a friend and had to bend the lines. It was<br>a *****. It is hard to bend the lines with<br>out the right bender. It took 2 times to<br>get it right. I had one shop repair a line.<br>Sometimes they can tie into part of a line<br>and use compression fittings to hold it to<br>the part of the line that is not leaking.<br>The other line was replaced at the ford <br>dealer. It cost some bucks but I needed<br>it done. If you can find a dealer or shop<br>you think won't take you for an arm and<br>leg I would have them do it.<br>A lot easier on a lift to work.<br>Good luck. Leaking lines suck.<br>I use to look at the fluid leaks alot.<br>Good Luck.<br>bill
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