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The only time I have used 4 low is last January when we had the 2nd worst blizzard in the Chicago's history. I had snow piled up 6 or more feet and didn't have room to put the next snow that drifted for a week. I had to push the piles back, so I put it in 4 low so I would be less likely to hurt the trans. I do 60 large driveways all with a 1/2 mile radius of my starting point and all but one is push offs. I don't do any commercial lots. I use drive, but it stays in low gear on driveways. You said you do small lots, so drive should be fine. If you put it in second, you don't start out in low gear and I think that is hard on transmissions. I hope this helps. Anyone else have their opinions?<br><p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>
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