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Originally posted by PaulJ
. I am realy getting interested in the hustler because of your hands not having to work aganst any springs. to slow down or make minnor adjustments. these are the things that cause me fatigue.

How soon will we get a glimps at the new design. you got me wondering now.
I've yet to check each and every other maker, but the Hustler seems to have the edge on everyone. The secret is everything on the Hustler is automatic and synced together. When you twist to go forward without spring any spring tension, both pumps go together making forward tracking straight without needed to input any other control. Next, the machine spring detents to zero, so there's no guessing where you are. Then, with zero defined, a simple pull on the H bar in the direction you want go performs a perfect zero turn automatically making one wheel go forward and the other go backward in the same percentage amount.
Finally, the Hustler is a floating deck, totally overbuilt, weighing over 600lb. for a "stay on the ground" ride, plus "no" safety switch to hold to beat up your hands and priced right.

Pete (not a rep, just in love with my machine )
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