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My Ford is a 4spd standard. 300 ci six cylinder. I have NEVER needed to use low range pushing snow. Even 12inch+ of wet heavy in a 175 x 100 foot lot. This is probably due to the gear ratios of my tranny. I have the 'granny' 1st gear and use it only with heavy loads or when I want to go real slow to plow close to something. The 6 cylinder has a TON of torque down low, and wont go over 5-10 mph in 1st. I'm sure the auto could benefit from low range sometimes depending on your gears/tires. If I put mine in 1st and low range it won't go over 3mph. I can get out and walk alongside and steer it. It will probably break a drivetrain component before it runs out of power.<p>Dave
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