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Little input don't plow in first or second gear on a auto tranns. In 95 when I bought my pick-up the dealer said to always use 1 or 2 gear never drive it will kill trans. Well my drive was hearing this and took in what the guy said(first time he ever did listen to anyone) and about 3 snows later i had no tranns left. My tranny guy that we use told me never ever to do that again. Reason why the dealer told us that was to keep us from plowing at 30mph so less chance of stuff breaking. With warrinties it helps them to say that. If you have overdrive lock it out. I know that ford has lots of problems with the overdrives in plow trucks so lock it out to be safe. As far as low gear that is alot of wear on the truck if the truck is slipping and really high reving and just don't seem to be able to push it then use it. Only Once have I EVER used it and that was last year on a 500 ft drivway that I was plowing with a ford Bronco could not grab or push for life of me at one point I thought It was going to blow. Only time ever used it only reason short wheel base couldn't grab other wise never any problems. BUT THATS A FORD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! Just Kidding GUYS Happy Holiodays to all
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