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Guess I'm the only only one that plows in 4 low. Yes, 2&quot; of light fluffy snow I don't, but anything more, or wet and heavy, I use low. Why nott use low? Do you have to plow so fast that using low is a problem? I found in 4 hi, when plowing, most times I am coming to the end of a push, my truck is just shifting to second gear, and I'm jamming on the brakes. In 4 low, it sahifts to second much sooner, and I'm in second when coming to the end. Just letting off the gas, and the gear drag slow me down and save my brakes some.<br>Remember, just because your truck can push it, doesn't mean you should plow in 4 high. If you have an auto trans, what's the link between the engine and trans? The torque converter. What it filled with? Transmission fluid. What absorbs the shocks in the driveline? The torque converter. How? Hydraulically. The fluid, gets much hotter when under a load.<br>Like pulling a trailer, the worst thing you can do, is pull up a long hill, and park at the top, shutting the truck off. It's best to leave it run a few minutes, to dissapate the heat in the trans fluid. Plowing in 4 high, you'll cook your trans fluid faster, believe me. had mine rebuilt last year for this reason, I now plow in 4 low, and have had no troubles since. Also, torque converters lock up when at a given rpm, belowit, they are only partially locked, and the fluid takes the beating. Plowing in 4 low, ensures the converter is fully locked more, thus staying cooler.<br>As your mechanic, or trans guy, and see what he says about plowing in high, or towing then parking.<p>~Chuck<p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>
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