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I Just wanted to mention a couple of things I have noticed over the past few years related to this topic and Ford trucks. 1. 4L in our diesel F-350s is way too much torque for simple plowing or regular pushes (75-100 yards at a clip). If you (or another driver who isn't as careful) jump into an Auto transmission in 4 low, just feel how the truck shifts between R and D, especially after about 8 hours of plowing when the ATF is good and warmed up. Or, better yet, imagine you are an ice cold U-Joint. If you are careful and get to know your vehicle, you will be able to stop accelerating before hitting 2nd gear. You also might be able to stop rolling forward before shifting into reverse. <br>Second point - Like Chuck said, the Torque converter is filled with ATF. Since our trucks are newer, I have had the dealer do some servicing (I usually try to pick their brains about stuff so I can learn more about what to expect from the trucks). A service manager mentioned to me that a lot of guys who changed their own fluid weren't letting the torque converter drain out. He made a point about this (and that those were the first ones to need new E4ODs), so I have been careful, and hopefully this will pay off. For those of you anti-automatic fans, I like manual trannies, but we have a lot of drivers during the summer and this November I had my left knee reconstructed for the second time in 8 years.<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply<br>
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