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I might be wrong, but I thought the floral is what you are suppost to have to transport plants from the garden center to the clinet. I thought they said without it we are either suppost to have the customer pick up the plants [yea right] or have the nurshery deliver them.

BTW does anyone know if they offer classes with the test at the end of the class?
I heard the easiest way was to attend one of these classes. Well I went to FT Worth to the Turf Grass Assosiations winter conference because I heard they were offering the course for $90 and the price for each of the three test. When I got there I found out you have to be a member first and that was another $300. Well I did not have a extra $475 so I just went to the exhibit hall and left.

If anyone knows about the class' please let me know.
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