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I do not know of anyone using this setup and have never seen one around here. Looking through Bobcat's web site, it appears the blade tip speed is comparable to the typical Zs at +/- 18,000 fpm.

The 3-pt finish mower looks like it might be good for ROW mowing; the 3-pt rotar is clearly made for that. If the mid-mount was going to be used on athletic fields, I would be concerned about the weight of the machine it needs to be mounted on. All three models are over 3,000 pounds, plus the weight of the mower. That is more than double what the 60" - 72" Zs weigh.

From the point of view of someone who may already have the Bobcat and wants to do more with it, it looks like a mid-mount PTO kit would need to be added to the typical Bobcat in order to use the mid-mount mower they offer.

Under a very narrow range of conditions, my guess is you could get a decent cut quickly. Having it as my primary mower would not interest me based on what little I can see.
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