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Originally Posted by nosparkplugs View Post
The Toolcat is similar to the Kubota RTV900, and my experience on the Pipe line with the Kubota RTV900 its underpowered, very heavy, the little Kubota diesel will run all day long, but has only enough power/torque to run the RTV900 that's it, so unless the Toolcat has more diesel power I would avoid it. The Toolcat is the "jack of all trade's master of none"
Comparing the RTV900 to the ToolCat isn't fair to the Kubota. I know it has some hyd powered tools, but nowhere the level of the Toolcat. For that matter is a mower even an option? It has 22.5 HP compared to the ToolCat at 56 HP. The RTV900 is better compared with the Bobcat 2200.

Now saying that I have never done any mowing with our ToolCat, we tend to use a tractor and our Landpride 90" finish mower for those areas where a ZTR isn't pratical, but the thing is probaly our most used whether it's at the nursery or on the job site. The only down side in my opinion is the ROC for the Loader arm is 1500lbs. We bought for maintanence for our commercial properties. The thing is truly a "jack of all trades, master of none" but the way the economy is going, the more versatile the item, the more justifiable it is to keep.
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