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Originally Posted by qualitylandscaping View Post
Let me start by saying I'm not here to start an argument, or get responses from joe blow with a tiny company. We all started somewhere, but those responses will not help me.

I'm working on a bid package for a city municipality. Mow-Trim-Blow-Litter Cleanup only. No bed work, shrub trimming, fert, etc.

GROUP 1: 24.15 acres, 54 properties, all under 1 acre each.
GROUP 2: 258.03 acres, 49 properties, all over 1 acre each. Largest is 28 acres.

These properties include: schools, ball fields, parks, playgrounds, youth recreation centers, street malls, city owned buildings, etc.

To include all expenses and take in a net profit of 20%, our hourly rate is based at $52.13 per laborer and up.

Properties are all within the borders of the city. From a center point, no more than 10 miles in any given direction. Most properties are within .5-1 mile on the road from each other.

Trimming is comparable to a normal subdivision residential on group 1.
(say maybe 600-1200 linear feet of trimming to be done on each property).

Trimming is comparable to a standard commercial lot on group 2.
(a few buildings, sidewalks, trees, etc. (2000-3000 linear feet on each)

Equipment: 66" Dixie X Caliber's, 74" Dixie X Caliber, 72" Dixie Xtreme's, JD 757's, 777's, 797, Lesco 60's. Whatever we have can be used, if we don't have enough, I'll buy more. Won't consider a batwing, however, as these properties are not suitable for one.

My guys are good. Everybody knows how to safely and efficiently operate the equipment they are assigned to.

Looking for a reference point per cut? Group 1 and Group 2 seperate. Keep in mind parking isn't simple. Travel from our closest shop to center point in the city is 20 miles. I have a number on paper, just want to see some other view points.

My numbers (without giving away exacts):

Group 1: $1500-3500 per cut
Group 2: $8000-11000 per cut

Sounds like you got it under control, like you said you can always purchase more equipment if needed. I would start the season with the equipment you got, and go from their. Congrats on the contract
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