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Originally Posted by Swampy View Post
In group 2 I would seriously look at getting a multi winged machine, I'm a little biased but you can find a older Toro 455D for around $10K. Something at least in the 10ft range. How far apart are properties in Group 2? If they are close enough bolt on a slow moving triangle and rearveiw mirror and drive it between properties.

A few WAM's Brands
Rumor has it Kubota is going to be releasing a mulit winged machine.
I too would love to sign a property where a WAM would be my mower of choice. I had eliminated them from my options for a few reasons:

1. They are bulky and take up alot of space on the trailer.
2. I'm going to send out a 28' enclosed trailer (so everything can be locked when out of sight, and a WAM won't fit in an enclosed.
3. Our Dixie Choppers have consistently cut 6-8acres per hour in wide open areas, the JD 1600 w/ 11' cut we demoed a few years ago only did 8 acres, so I really have a hard time justifying a "specialty" machine, when our regular fleet handles just the same. Its tough to swallow a payment on a machine the size of a 1600, only to not sign the contract again next year, sure we have other places it can be used, but we don't have productivity problems with our other mowers.
4. Litter cleanup is part of the gig. Keeping a 5 gallon bucket and a pick on a ZTR isn't too hard. Stopping that WAM to pickup trash, would be eating away at my profit margin.

I have always considered buying a WAM, as we have several properties this size (25 acres +), but when I consider the cost of buying one it's not justifiable. We can pickup 4+ new ZTR's for the same cost, that will cut 90% of what the WAM will in an hour.

Trust me, I've gone back and forth a hundred times on a purchase of one.
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