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Originally Posted by jwingfield2k View Post
Steve, I think your group 1 price amount is a little steep. Group 2 looks extremely competitive. Here in TX we can get a good amount for work, higher than the rest of the country i think. We get between 45-low 50$ per acre.

If this is municipality, fill out an open records request. by law, they are required to divuldge all information pertaining to previous scope of work, and any contract amounts previously signed. this can help put in perspective what they have spent in the past.

also, ask if they have an "engineers estimate." sometimes the cities can produce their estimated cost. however, try to ask these questions and get this information in private if you can. that way to dont help your competition out on where to start their bid from. might have it listed. you can also check and see what other companies have viewed the request for propsal / bid.

let me know if this helps at all.

Hey John-

I too was alittle concerned with where my group 1 price ended up. I'm at roughly $84.00/acre on those properties right now. After I factored in time, driving, finding a place to park a 50' rig downtown on mostly one way streets, litter cleanup, etc. I had also factored in an allowance for some stolen 2cycle equipment, as its been happening alot lately (even with locks).

I'm very comfortable with my group 2 bid. We specialize in bigger properties, and being the biggest mowing company in the area, I can put the sheer volume of the project to my advantage. These properties are bigger, so there is less drive time involved and most of them are parks/schools with parking lots, so finding a place to put the rig isn't as much of a hassle; thus the lower pricing structure.

I am very active in municipal bidding, and am familiar with the FOIL (Freedom of Information Act) you mentioned. Normally, I bid on these projects every year and attend the bid opening, making note of competitors bids. However, this is the first year this project has been put out to bid; and I know they aren't smart enough to draft a "rough estimate" on what they expect it to go for.

This is a whopper of an account, and one that 99% of the companies in this area couldn't handle. The project requires: 100% Performance Surety Bonding, 5% Bid Bond, 5 million in liability insurance, comparable references, lengthy equipment list, etc.. Something of this scale is far out of reach for most, so I'm not too worried about competition.

I looked briefly at the bidsync website. All you need to do is contact a municipality and ask to be placed on a bid list. They will mail you the documents/specifications when a new bid request is made. I can't see paying $300+ a year for something that can be done for the cost of a few phone calls, thanks though!
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