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All brands have pros and cons.
You could read posts forever on this site as to what is best or the worst.
If you buy commercial equipment you can't go wrong. For the most part.
As others have posted the most important item is the dealer you deal with.

When something breaks down which it will your dealer will become the most important person in your life.
So you should consider things such as:
Is the dealer going to be around the next few years. I have seen a lot of them close the last two years.
Days and hours the dealer is open. Remember things break when least expected.
What does the dealer offer if your equipment is down a few days.My local dealer will lend me a demo if it is available.

Where is the next closest dealer. In case something happens that your local dealer can't provide.

Whatever brand or brands you decide on. My opinion is the dealer or dealers will make or break your opinion on that product.
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