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Originally Posted by mzgloves20 View Post
There was an incident near where I live where some guy was hauling a full size chipper through a main part of town. The chipper was not properly secured to the truck (chains crossed...proper size chain, trailer brakes...usual safety stuff we do with out a second thought) and it broke free from the truck. A father and three sons (two were twins) were headed the other way. After the impact only one of the infant sons was still alive.

That police department and the state troopers in that area have been merciless on trucks, trailers, inspections, and weights in that area for almost two years now.

They have gotten countless unsafe vehicles off the road and made numerous arrests of illegals (many w/o a license at all), drug dealers, and jerkwads that make us look bad.

I drive through there frequently and get many look overs, but never stopped. It pays to keep your stuff legal and safe.

It's not worth anyones life to save 35 seconds and not strap something down.
Hey, yeah that was and still is a huge story! where do you work in the pgh area?
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