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Originally Posted by bicmudpuppy View Post
I've yet to brew my first batch of tea, but I'm going to jump in here a little bit anyway. First, what would you LOSE by putting a large 50 or 100 mesh screen on the line taking the tea from the tank? Put a 4" in/out spray screen on a 2" line and my gut says you could empty a tank w/o cleaning it. You could then clean the screen and go again.

I had a spray wheelie and used it to apply fungicides on golf greens back in '94. I changed the nozzles out to apply 2.5 gallons/m I had the 10 gallon unit and I could spray most of my greens at the time w/ one tank. Most turf fungicides (I know, dirty words down here in the organic forum) like to go down at 2gal/m minimum and would prefer to go down at 5gal/m I didn't try to get up to 5 gal/m. I was filling up and carrying enough water the way it was, BUT it allowed me to survive in an environment that I would have been DOA in w/o fungicides. 2gal/m nozzles are going to be big enough to not want the 50 mesh screens above them. To me this means you should be good to go for tea. Hauling the tea in a 200 gallon tank in the back of a truck and filling the sprayer on site should be a good deal. Getting a blower of some kind to add some extra air to that 200 gallon tank should increase the quality of the tea being applied. (Or, I have missed the concept and need to read EVERYTHING again)
Theoretically the ideas you mentioned would work. The screen could catch a lot of biology, especially the fungi. Adding the blower could bring more air, but who knows without testing. It seems like you would want to buy a microscope to test the biology and a DO meter for the air to find out.
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