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Originally Posted by roccon31 View Post
up here you could probably skip the march app, depending on ground temps. sometimes its is still pretty cold until mid march.

most likely skip july and august, and push sept back to mid month. come to think of it, sept may be a good one for a sugar app.

phasthound- you agree?
i saw the post about possible uv rays and heat killing off some of the there any other reason why not to spray compost tea during the hot summer months? i thought that when it is really hot like that it is actually a time when soil life is thriving because the soil is warm. also, the benefits of stress relief, disease prevention, etc...wouldn't this be a good time for applying it?

one other question i had is for those that are talking about putting 4-6 CT apps down. do you also put organic ferts or anything else down? is there enough food in the soils for these new batches of microbes to feed on or do you also need to put down some soybean, alfalfa, etc..meals to feed them?.
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