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We will even help you help people - in fact we will insist on helping you help others - we are crazy to help those who need help or even if they don't - in fact if you know someone who has been helped before we will help them again and once we have helped them will will ask them if they know of several more people we can go help. CRAZY man... I'm done.
PS do you know of someone who needs some help?
Helping does pay - sort of pay in advance - you get what your sow.

Today I helped my neighbor - older married couple. Tree limb down from ice storm. I told him I could cut it up for him and stack it for junk pick up. got done after about 3 man hours - (pretty good size limb) and he asked me how much?? I said $120 (cause he IS my nighbor and did let me run an electric line on the lst power outage when he had power and we didn't.

Anyway he said that's not enough. I reminded him of his helping me out but he went in and gave us $300 CASH. I tried 3 times to give back at least $100 of it but he wouldnt take it. WOW! I was humbled.

Helping others is good!
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