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do you really apply 1 lb. K per M on April 1? Thats 2 lbs. N per M in April? You must get super top growth in Spring. How do you keep up with that growth? Big risk of disease appling that much N in spring if my calculation is right!

You apply 1/2 lb. K per M in June? Thats 1.3 lb N per M on June 15th!? Don't summer heat and drought start around end of June in NE Ohio? Do your accounts water regulary in summer? If not, do you really want to put N down in summer?
I don't!

You apply 1 lb. K per M Oct 15. That's also 1 lb. N per M on Oct 15. When do lawns go dormant for winter in your area? Mid November typical? Here in Chicago its typically Oct.31. You don't want to push top growth so close to winter dormancy. Oct 15 seems to be pushing the envelope. Last year you would have been OK. Other years you would create a problem with this schedule. Grass must harden off just like trees and shrubs. Sould not push top growth 6 weeks before lawn goes dormant. You can do a dormant fert. Also, roots still grow two weeks after top growth has stopped due to winter dormancy. There is research that says your lawn can beneift from a light feeding of N when top growth stops (due to winter dormancy) , but roots still growing. This is a hard one to schedule. Not based on fixed date but on weather. Also, leaching of nitrates are a real problem at this time of year so recomendations are for light feedings (1/4 lb. to 1/2 lb. N per M). And cool to cold temps at this time of year manadate that you use a N source that is not temp sensitive like organics or SCU. Good luck.


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