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Hey, Jim: terminolgies

M = Roman numeral for 1,000

K = abbreviation for kilo- (metric prefix for 1,000)

Therefore 1,000 = K = M (also G is rarely used)

K is the most common notation in scientific discussion to denote 1,000 units. Forget where the M is used.

And if Matthew has been doing the Oct app for the last 3 years, he has been getting great results from it. Here we have not had a real freeze for 3-4 years, so grass underground growth has not ceased in wintertime. Have pulled BG rhizomes over a foot long out of mulched beds in springtime. This past winter was so mild, grass here actually needed the spring app of 0.1# to 0.25# N, because it used up all nutrient during winter. Then our May rains washed it all out again. LOL.

However his rates and timing are not near what recent research has pointed to. And never hit fine fescue with more than 0.5# N/K (K=1000 ft², LOL); fine fescues are dominant is many shady areas.
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