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I am from the Chicago area, far west suburbs and this is our full time, all year long income. We aerate in the Spring and Fall, mow only 2 plus acre lawns all summer, 95% residential and plow snow on 60 plus big residential driveways during the Winter.<p>I started out with:<p>72 Bronco w/6.5' Western Plow<br>Home made enclosed trailer 6' X 6'<br>1985 John Deere tractor with a 38&quot; deck w/bagger.<br>Murray 21&quot; push trim mower<br>$95 Homelight trimmer<br>$100 Sears hand held blower<br>and some other junky tools.<p>We now have:<p>Truck: 1997 F250 Heavy Duty 4X4 with Western Pro 8 ft. plow.<br>Trailers: 24 ft. Hallmark enclosed and a 14 ft. open landscaping trailer.<p>Equipment:<p>2001 XWD2600 60&quot; Diesel Dixie Chopper<br>1990 - 430 diesel John Deere with 60-inch deck, 54-inch plow blade, 48-inch 2 stage blower, and a home made heated cab.<br>3 point hitch attachments include 42 inch Lesco Core Aerator, 60 inch Spike Aerator, 48 inch Box Scraper, 48 inch Cultivator and a retired home made 22 bushel Lawn Vacuum. <br>2 Dixie Choppers with 60 inch decks, 93 and 95 models, very dependable and we use 6 blades on each.<br>1996 John Deere 21 inch trim mower 14SE <br>1999 Red Max 62CC Blower (great blower)<br>1999 2-T270 Shindiawa string trimmers, replacing the 2 T27ís that were stolen during the winter.<br>1999 Shindiawa PB270 Power Broom and cultivator attachment<br>2000 Spread4Mow electric spreader for the Choppers.<br>55 gallon Northern Sprayer w/boom

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