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Originally posted by GroundKprs

And if Matthew has been doing the Oct app for the last 3 years, he has been getting great results from it. Here we have not had a real freeze for 3-4 years, so grass underground growth has not ceased in wintertime. Have pulled BG rhizomes over a foot long out of mulched beds in springtime. This past winter was so mild, grass here actually needed the spring app of 0.1# to 0.25# N, because it used up all nutrient during winter.
Last fall/winter was not characteristic of a typical fall/winter. I took a chance with some early Oct. feedings and was rewarded with the mild weather and extended growing season. It was an educated guess that payed off, but it was a risk. I've seen many lawns in spring with excessive dead growth that would not green-up when the HO performed late season fert apps the previous fall.

I don't doubt that Matthew has seen good results, but I do think there is a risk in certain areas of the country duplicating his fert app schedule. I only brought the issue up to highlight the risk through discussion. Late fall apps that stimulate top growth just before a lawn enters winter dormancy is a real risk. Indiana is a long state. I suspect that weather in southern IND does not match the weather in northern IND. Dates for fert apps will also not match. We should all be aware of this and understand the local conditions that apply to a fert sched like Matthew's. How can others apply a fert sched to their area without this information? What do you think? Good luck.

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