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Ok here goes again, Ill be sure and join being I started the one on the old forum.<br>I am Jim Creager from Harrison Arkansas, I am part time with around 30 mowing accounts. Thats all I can do with out help. The name of my bussiness is Natural Lawn.<br>I am fulltime Firefighter for the city of Harrison. We are located 30 miles south of Branson Missouri.<br>My equipment is as follows, I know its not all commercial equipment but its paid for and does me a good job.<br>I started out with...<br>A 1987 GMC 12 ton pickup<br>a 1982 sears 10 hp 38&quot; cut gear drive rider, and a lawn boy push mower. <br>a 5 x 8 trailer<br>I now have.<br>the same pickup<br>a 1999 25 hp 61&quot; Great Dane Chariot<br>a 2000 20&quot; 5.5 hp honda trim mower<br>a 14 x 6 12 trailer<br>a 1997 sears 15 12 hp 42 &quot; cut hydro<br>a 1998 Cub cadet Z 42<br>a 1995 yazoo 24&quot; mulching mower<br>2601 and a 2400 echo string trimmers<br>fs66 stihl brush cutter<br>ryobe split boom string trimmer with pole saw<br>50 gallon sprayer<br>and this, that, and other.<p>This year I am handeling an organic fertilizer, I am using this on some residential lawns that I have taken care of for a few years. I am hopeing to turn this into a more fulltime bussiness in the next couple of years but will have to hire help, unless it just gets too good. I hate to give up a retirement Ive worked for by quiting the fire dept.<br> I do have one regrete though, thats that I mowed lawns from age 12 to age 17 and I wish I'd never given it up to &quot;go to work&quot; but I listened to my mother, &quot;you cant make a living cutting grass&quot;. I guess shes been proven wrong.<br>My hobbies are my wife of 16 years, my 3 year old son, my 2 12 year old daughter, my horses, and every now and then I get to go hunting or fishing.<br>Well thats all I can think of for now. <br>Jim<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: naturalawn
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