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My name is James and I am a partner in a small business in the Rochester, NY area. I think the people that read this can relate, that this is one of the more diverse exciting occupations out there. I would rather do nothing else. <br>We currenly offer several services, our more popular ones being: lawn service (professional word for mowing) fert/pesticide programs). We used to take on more services but we were easily overwhelmed. We have been in business for seven years and I can say every year has and always will be a learning experience.<br>We have several turf tigers a couple of belt driven walk-behinds and stihl equiptment across the board. We also have a 200 gal. lesco sprayer, for those weed and feed applications. We are licenced with the state and fully insured. Seems as though lots of small businesses attempt to cut corners around here. Definately not the way to go. I will not bore you and end up writing a novel about us. By the way everyones backround was very impressive. A very modest bunch here.
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