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I'm Chuck Smith, owner operator of AC Grounds Maintenance. I'm in Northern New Jersey. I have been in business myself for the past 5 years. I have been plowing snow for 16 years now. I have my own residential and commercial accounts, and team up with my younger brother on his larger commercial accounts, or ones he doesn't have time for. He works 2 jobs not including plowing, so it gets hectic. <br>I plow with a 1980 GMC K/25, with a Meyer 7.5' E-47 powered pump. The plow came new on the truck in 1980. I welded on a bracket to mount a third trip spring, like newer Meyer plows have. It helped with tripping when scraping up hardpack and ice. The blade used to lean forward, no more. I've added a few goodies, and minor things to make plowing easier. Most of it is on my web pages, under &quot;simple mods&quot;. I've written a Snowplowing Handbook too, but you'll hear that more than enough I'm sure My truck has a cast iron NP 205 gear driven transfer case, and a 14 bolt GM rear axle, rated at 7,000 pounds. Up front, it has a 10 bolt GM rear, which has held up well to plowing. I do need to get the splines replaced on my front driveshaft though. My trans is a rebuild, with less than 5,000 miles on it, and my engine has less than that on it as well. It's a Remanufactured 350 I got from Jasper Engines and Transmissions, located in Jasper Indiana.<br>My brother plows with a 95 Dodge Ram 1500, with a Meyer 7.5' , E-60 pump. He has a Meyer tailgate spreader too.<br>His truck has a 360 motor, and auto trans. At 98,000 miles, he blew a hole in a piston, due to a lack or servicing his EGR valve. Got a rebuilt 360. Then less than 1,000 miles later, the trans went. He got a rebuild. We're ready for the snow!<br>We plow 4 commercial accounts this year for sure, we had more, but businesses change owners, so and so doesn't pay on time, etc. We are hoping for more this year. I keep nine residential; accounts myself, and my brother has close to 20. These are all accounts we've harvested over the past 7 years or so (My brother has been plowing since 92). We have weeded out all the back drag driveways, saving only pushbacks, with no cars in the driveway. The commercial accounts are less than 1 mile apart. All my residential accounts are within a 1 mile radius too. My brother chooses to go as far as 5 miles or more to plow. Another reason I end up plowing his local accounts often.<br>We run a 5 HP Craftsman blower, and a Ariens ST-8 24.<br>Who are you, and what do you plow with?<br>LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!<p>As far as lawns, I'm looking to get out. I still have lots of equipment though.<br>1997 6.5' x 12' single axle open trailer<br>1992 Bobcat 36&quot; walk behind (12 HP Kawasaki, gear drive) With leaf plow, and front mount Agri-Fab dethatcher.<br>1990 Green Machine string trimmer (Love it)<br>1997 Echo SRM-2400 string trimmer (Hate it)<br>1994 Echo 6&quot; Hedge Trimmer<br>1975 Power Trim 3.5 HP edger<br>1990 22&quot; Murray self propelled trim mower<br>1975 Snapper cast aluminum deck self propelled trim mower<br>1992 Echo PB 400 E back pack blower<br>1993 Stihl BR 320 back pack blower<br>1992 8 HP Little Wonder wheel blower<br>1995 5 HPCraftsman shredder/chipper/vac/blower<br>1990 Stihl 18&quot; Chainsaw<br>1950(?) Wheel Horse 8 HP tractor with 2 snowplows, a dirt blade and a scraper/york rake.<br>Agri-Fab 125# spreader<br>2 Echo pump sprayers<p>~Chuck<br>AC Grounds Maint.<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>
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