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hey all-<br>time to post after Eric's plea to the rest of us.<br>Owner & operator of The Yard Smith Lawn & Outdoor Services. Age is 31. (I feel old saying that) Been in bus. since spring of '94. Worked part time, with avg. of 25-28 accts. max that we could keep properly maintained with equip. we had. Had a full time job 'on the side' as a machinist/ tool & die type of work. Considered getting more schooling & get a Journeyman's card, but around here that'll only get you $15-18 an hour. I was already doubling that part time in lawn care! This is our first year full time!<br>Located in North Central Ohio, between Cleveland & Columbus. <br>Equipment as follows:<p>87 Chevy Silverado 4x4 1/2 ton beefed up & Meyer's 7' plow<br>79 Chevy 1/2 T short/flat bed with older Boss V-plow (winter beater)<br>Buyers salt spreader<br>20 ft. Tandem axle H&H trailer with 2 gates-rear & side<br>99 Bobcat ZT200 25hp 61&quot; cut<br>Steiner 220 20hp 60&quot; cut<br>Honda 13hp 48&quot; Hydro WB w/ Lesco-Cub Cadet sulky<br>Honda 21&quot; comm. push mower<br>The above mowers are what goes out with me each day; other mowers are in storage (locked up tight);<br>Simplicity ZTR 16hp 54&quot; cut (FOR SALE!)<br>Another Honda hydro WB 13hp 48&quot; cut (FOR SALE!)<br>Simplicity Sun Runner 8hp 36&quot; cut with bagger-MINT! (FOR SALE!)<br>2-Yard man &quot;commercial&quot; push mowers-held up good for me<br>misc. 1 or 2 push mowers for add. backup<br>Stihl FS85 weedeater/brushcutter<br>Stihl FS75 dedicated tall weed cutter<br>Stihl BG75 hand blower<br>Echo pb1000 blower (old/backup)<br>Stihl HS86 hedge trimmer from h*ll<br>Lots of rakes, shovels, hand pruners, wheelbarrows, spreaders, etc.<p>WE STARTED OUT WITH:<br>1985 toyota 2wd pickup with (in the back):<br>10 hp Ariens rear engine rider/30&quot; cut Forrest gump style mower<br>older 22&quot; PUSH mower<br>used & abused Homelite curved shaft weedeater<br>used Echo pb1000 leaf blower-we were really big time once we got a leaf blower! <p><br>We do about a 60-40 mix- 60% res./ 40% comm., & always looking for more good properties. <br>Tend to specialize in mowing; also provide annual landscape renovations & spring cleanups to customers & new/ one timers also.<br>Trying to get my route down to a smaller geographic circle; may take awhile, as I can't get the right people to call all the time.<br>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><p><p><p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: yardsmith<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: yardsmith
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