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I am Jonathan and my partner, Lawnforce2 is Anthony. We started up about a year and a half ago after my partner told me I needed to get out more. We are semi-fulltime. We are in Knoxville, Tn. <p>We started out with a five thousand dollar loan from family members.<p>We started with:<br>'52 Scag Zero Turn WB<br>'48 JD belt wb<br>Murray 22 pusher <br>McCullUGH trimmer<br>6X10 unknown brand trailer <br>'72 Chevy C10 (inline 6 with that damn column shift)<p>We have added:<br>2 RedMax 6200 blowers<br>3 Honda 4 stroke trimmers<br>1988 Ford F-250 4X4<br>2 Solo backpack sprayers<br>Bunch of misc. tools (pitchforks, shovels, spades)<br>2 Jungle Wheels (we don't ride unless we are pinched for time)<p>We started out with four accounts and now have well over 50. <p>We do mostly commercial and are looking for ways to get more bids. <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: lawnforce1
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