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My name is Adam and I live in Clovis, NM. I started in lawn care 6 years ago and have enjoyed expanding, however I am also a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force so moving from OKC has dampened the expansion. I haven't ran into much problem getting business in this area. In fact I go to church with one of the local lawn companies owner. He has passed on some jobs that he says he doesn't have time for. Still, they are pretty good, pay that it is. I will part the Air Force in 2003 and plan on trying to go full time with Lawn Care. I am still working on educating myself and getting better equipment. I have one guy that helps me. I have 41 accounts and during the summer when business is good I find it hard to have any free time.<p>My equipment is:<p>2000 John Deere 48&quot;(just replaced a 1994)<br>1996 Craftsman 22&quot;(hope to get rid of it this year as well)<br>1998 Stihl Trimmer & edger<br>1998 Ryobi Trimmer<br>1998 Ryobi Blower<br>1977 5x15 Trailer(good shape but needs paint)<br>1998 Chevy C3500 Crew Cab with 8' bed<p>Let me just add that I certainly have a long way to go to get as good as the rest of you. I appreciate all the forums though I don't post alot, I still learn.<br> <br>Thanks,<p>Adam
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