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Hi , my name is Garbage Man. That is also my full time job. I am 39.<br>I live in SounthWest Virginia, Dickenson county, Town of Haysi (pronounced HAYS-EYE), close to the KY and WVA boarder. We have 0- degree winters and 100+ summers. <br>I am married (#2), 6 months now, to a beautiful 22 yr old babe and hope to have another child in the near future. I already have one lovely daughter, 19 , who is married and given me a gorgeous grandaughter, 9 mths , a son of 15, he says 15 3/4 , who looks forward to getting my beat-up '89 s-10 so he can take over the business. ha ha <br>I have been doing Lawn Care (part-time) since 1987 went full time after a lay-off in '90 , then back to part-time after getting my new county job as a &quot;Residential Evironmental Quality Control Specialist&quot; (er the name; garbage man) in 95.<p>I have the following equipment;<br>(1) Murry 22&quot; push<br>(1) Lowes 21&quot; combo self propeled<br>(1) Mac 100 trimmer<br>(1) Mac 80 trmmer (found)<br>(1) Homelite 135 trimmer<br>(1) Mac Blower<br>(1) Poulan chainsaw<br>(1) Homelite XL2 chainsaw (found)<br>(1) Weedeater 2 cycle hedge trimmer<br>assorted lawn and garden hand tools<p>All this carried around in a 1989 4x4 Chevy S-10. Great gas mileage and it is all paid for. I even find assorted equipment and tools on my full time job (you would be amazed at what people throw away). I haven't bought trimmer string in years. <br>I would love to do this work year round but as some of you may know, the mountains of SWVA are notorious for hard winters. My son helps me out when his schedule permits (girls and fishing/hunting). We, or should I say me most of the time, ha ha , do an average of 7 yards a week some like it only every two weeks or when the grass gets above the tires on the cars in the yard (that was a hillbilly joke). <br>Thanks to this forum I have learned new information on this subject and hope to keep learning.
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