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Bill Bond from Griffin, GA. Started two years ago to provide jobs for my two middle kids (two older ones already married). Now one is getting married and my son and the baby girl hates cutting grass. I however, love it and hope to go to full time (the sooner the better). Thanks to my wife's prompts I started out with great equipment.<p>Started with:<br>XW2500-60 Dixie Chopper (had the famous head gasket replacement two months before warranty ran out)<br>Stihl edger, trimmer, and backpack blower<br>7X16 open trailer with electric brakes, equipment rack, and box.<br>Burned the tranny out of my wife's Chevy Astro van pulling the rig.<p>Equipment added:<p>1976 Ford pickup with 360cid and C-6 tranny (truck only had 38,000 miles when I bought it - still had the original, though dry-rotted Firestone spare). I get lots of looks and comments at the gas stations (which I can't seem to pass without stopping now) and the thing pulls my trailer with all equipment almost like its not there.<br>Stihl pole hedge trimmer and Sthil short hedge trimmer<br>Pull-behind Giant Vac vacuum<br>Pull-behind utility trailer<br>Pull-behind and push type fertilizer spreaders<br>Stihl chain saw (after storms late winter dropped trees in several of my customer yards). Actually had a great old Poulan saw but it caught on fire one day and it took too long to get to a fire extinquisher (great lesson learned)<br>plus many small manual tools<p>I have one account that I call residential though it is more of an estate and is a lot bigger than many commercial accounts. The only other residences I do belong (1) to the owner of my apartments and (2) his property manager. The rest of my accounts are: two apartments, one office complex, one large church, and one resturant. Still grossed over $21K last year.<p>I'll be taking my pesticide test next Tuesday (aren't you proud of me Lawrence?) and have a bid in for a commercial account that will take me to full time if I get it (should know in three weeks)<p>Thanks to all posters for the great info and the many belly laughs I've gotten on this forum.<p>Just wanted to update my entry. As of July 1 I'll be full time. I got the contract I had bid on. To handle the new contract I have purchased a new 36&quot; Toro WB and an 52&quot; Toro WB with sulky. The new contract has lots of hills and several small fenced in areas. The 52&quot; can also act as a backup to the Dixie Chopper.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: bondlawn
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