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WELL HERE GOES,<br>I have been a member for about 6 months.<br>I have been the lawncare business for over five years part-time. The I started the business just spraying lawns and only that.<br>The first year the business was only $9000.00 gross in reciepts. Now in just five years and one part-time man it is over $33,000.00 in spraying alone. I just got into mowing. Can't make much $ around in my area. Too many mowing for $15.00 and $25.00/ yard. Do have one account, big deal. I just acquired a compact tractor and seeder to establish lawns and to reseed lawns. That is where the $ is. Look to go full-time in 2 years. To good of pay where I am now.<p>EQUIPMENT<br>1 GMC 1500 4X4 PICKUP AND LOOKIN FOR A ANOTHER.<br>1 300 GAL TANK & ELECTRIC HOSE REEL<br>1 USED BUNTON 44&quot; HYDRO WALK BEHIND MOWER<br>1 EARTHWAY PUSH SPREADER<br>1 TOW BEHIND FERTILIZER SPREADER.<br>1 USED RYAN WALK BEHIND AREATOR.<br>1 TRAILER 6X9 <br>1 TRAILER 6X18<br>99' NEW HOLLAND TC33D TRACTOR<br>BEEFCO OVERSEEDER 58&quot;<br>BEEFCO TILLER 58&quot;<br>STIHL STRING TRIMMER<br>WEEDEATER BLOWER. <p><br>I KNOW THIS IS NOT SUPER STUFF. BUT THIS BOY FROM CENTRAL KY IS GOING TO MAKE THIS A FULL TIME THING OR MY NAME ISN'T GREEN-N-GROW.<p>----------<br>GREEN-N-GROW LAWN CARE<br>
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