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Hello! In 1995 I was going to be married and needed some sort of income to support my wife and I as well as pay for college. I never guessed how profitable or fun this business could be.<p>We started out with:<br>1989 F150<br>1995 16' landscape trailer<br>1995 Bunton walkbehind<br>Stihl FS44 Whip<br>Skag Edger<br>Stihl BG45 handblower<br>20&quot; pushmower<p>Today we still have the above equipent.<br>We have since added:<br>1998 GMC K2500 with 8' plow<br>1999 Chevy K2500 with 8' plow<br>1987 GMC 1 ton Cube van<br>1998 Southwest 16' enclosed trailer<br>1999 Toro 25hp 60&quot; zturn <br>1997 Bunton 25hp 60&quot; zturn<br>1997 Bunton 48&quot; walkbehind<br>1998 Exmark 52&quot; walkbehind<br>3 lawn boy trim mowers<br>2 more stihl FS44 Weedwhips<br>Lesco weedwhip<br>Shindiawa weedship<br>Lesco stick edger<br>300 gallon Hyromite hydroseeder<br>Brown Trenchmaster<br>Plate compactor<br>Laser transit<br>Lots and Lots of Misc tools<p>The weather here in Micigan allows for a summer of hard work and a relaxed winter with occasional snow. Snow has not been a big part of our business due to the low snow amounts the past few years.
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