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We are a small company in central Connecticut. I started out with a 21&quot; Lawn Boy push mower, and doing houses around the neighborhood. I have been in business since 1989. I now have four full time year round employees, when they show up and the following equipment.<br>1- 340 Hustler 12' Rangewing<br>1- 340 72&quot; Hustler with collection system high dump.<br>1- 1999 3200 Hustler 72&quot;<br>1- 60&quot; Exmark Turf ranger<br>1- 52&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; JohnDeere Walk behind<br>1- 32hp Ford Tractor with loader, yorkrake, brush hog and spreader<br>1- 1989 F-250 Pickup with 8'Fisher Plow<br>1- 1996 Chevy 3500 dumpwith 9' Fisher plow and 8'fisher spreader<br>1- 2000 Chevy 3500 dump with 9' fisher plow and 8' Airflow sander<br>1- 1981 Ford F800 Dump with 10' plow and 9' AirFlow sander<br>3 Echo Backpack blowers<br>3 Echo Split boom weed wackers with hedge clipper and edger attachments<br>1 Honda weed wacker (just bought days ago)<br>1 72&quot; Powerboss Sweeper with high dump<br>2 Ariens 10 hp snow blowers<br>1 12' Pro-Tech snow pusher( We mount pusher on a loader we lease from Nov-April)<br>Other misc. tools, sprayers, spreaders.<br>Istarted out doing small houses around the neighborhood until I got my license and then I started doing more and more residential until we were up to almost 90 per week. I found that there was much less competition and less headaches with large commerical accounts and now we focus on only schools, airports, large factories, goverment complexes. We now have 30 accounts with the largest one almost 40 acres. I can not say enough about the Hustlers that we run, the dealer is excellent and the productivity we get from the rangewing allows me to have only four employees and still cut the amount of acreage per week that I have to. I am very happy with what I do and am looking into only doing sports complexes in the future. If there is anyone out there who takes care of sports complexes please respond. We currently provide full service to 4 High Schools and have had much sucess and enjoy doing the work at them. Please feel free to contact me. <p>----------<br>Jason Schmidt<br>
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