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I hope this forum gets a lot of replys. I set it up because i have noticed a lot of guys under 20 on here and i want to know more about them.<p>Heres my situation,<br>I am 18 years old, I am going back to work for the same guy as last summer where i made 9 an hour. Hopefully i will make more because i didnt have my licence then. I am putting flyers around my hood for various jobs to do my own thing mabye 1 day a week if I am lucky. The main job i pushed was aerating this time of year. I went down to rent a center and rented on for a day and made a killing! So far I have done 2 new clean ups and they are going to have mulch installed by me too. In October I am going to be in texas, fulfilling my duty to my country(which is more beautiful thanks to u and me!!) Yes, I am going into the airforce but after my 4 years is up all i want to do is landscape!!!<p>The equipment I have now:<br> Craftsman 22 selfpropelled 6 horse rear bag mower- Hope to upgrade to a Ransome 48&quot; If my boss will sell it to me real cheap.<p> Old Shindua F-21 trimmer<p> 86 ford ranger 4x4<p> Thats it for power tools but i have just about every hand tool possible and I am getting a 6 cube 2 wheeled wheelbarrow soon<br> <p>
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