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RTO was how i was able to get my first dozer 34 years ago !!!!!

My rent was set up $2500 dollars a month,but if i went over 100 hours a month then it was like $25 an hour more over the 100 hours.

Which added up,since i worked 7days a week,as long a days as i could.

The good thing was that the payments also went 100% toward the machine purchase at the end of the rent term which was 1 year.So all those extra hours overtime didn't go to waste.

The catch was that at the end of the year the machine went back to the dealer and you lost everything that you had paid in on it and your hard work!

I figured since i didn't have anything to lose other then 1 year out of my life if i failed it was a good choice and at the time my only chance.Luckly everything worked out

My machine was new also and was the best thing,since it had warranty and very little downtime.It was a busy time then.Hopefully it will be for you also.Good luck
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